Prasad Khaparde

Prasad Khaparde (Indian Classical Vocalist)

Prasad Khaparde is a senior disciple of Ustad Rashid Khan of the Rampur Sahaswan Gharana, one of the top-most vocalists of India today.

Gifted with a robust voice Prasad has been regaling the audience with his performances since last few years. Today he is considered as one of the most sought after vocalists in the world of Indian Classical Music.

His success is proof that talent will eventually be recognised, no matter where you are from. This Hindustani classical singer , who hails from a remote village ' Ghatanji '  in the  ' Yavatmal ' district of Maharashtra, did not have the privilege of learning from or watching well-known musicians.

The vocalist has made a name for himself in the Crowded Classical Music scene. He could achieve this because of his Guru’s blessings, Sheer Talent, Hard Work and due to his Bloodline also.

Now he is such as strong vocalist that he is readily accepted by the world audience.

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